Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.01 Is Here!

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.01. This release features several new capabilities, including the Apigee Edge unified experience, native policies for JSON web tokens (JWT), the ability to map authorization roles to an external service, and more.  

Edge unified experience (UE) beta

The unified Apigee Edge experience improves API lifecycle management, from design to development to publishing APIs. This is the next-generation UI for Apigee Edge.

Trying out the new UE for private cloud requires you to enable SAML single-sign-on for Apigee Edge. You’ll have to install the new user experience on a separate VM (one that doesn’t contain other Edge components).

A couple of things worth nothing about Edge UE for private cloud:

  • The specs feature and integrated portal are not supported in Edge UE for private cloud.
  • You can run basic auth-enabled Classic UI and Edge UE simultaneously.

External role mapping V2

The new release also enables you to map groups in your corporate LDAP to Apigee Edge roles by implementing the RoleMapper interface. External role mapping works with basic authentication only. Mapping external role enables you to:

  • Manage Apigee Edge roles to match your organizational structure.
  • Automatically sync user group changes in your organization with the proper role in Apigee Edge.
  • Grant users additional roles in Apigee Edge when assigned to an additional group.

An example implementation is as follows:

public class ExternalRoleMapperImpl implements ExternalRoleMapperServiceV2{
   private DirContext initialDirContext;
   private SearchControls controls = new SearchControls();

   public Collection